The Many Faces of Mega Man



Mega Man is one of the most nostalgic characters for me. As a kid in the late 1980s, I played Mega Man 2 all the time. I watched the Saturday morning cartoon Captain N: The Game Master, which featured Mega Man as a character. And I’d squeeze my little hand into a Styrofoam cup, pretending it was my mega buster and I was Mega Man. I did this in public.

I never found it odd that I didn’t know what Mega Man really looked like. His appearance differed depending on where he was, whether it was in his game games, promotional artwork, or television. Continue reading


Brake Booster – MK8 200cc Mode


I hadn’t needed to mash the brakes in Mario Kart since skidding around the corners of Donut Plains 3 in the original Super Mario Kart over twenty years ago. Since then, brakes mean you’ve failed. You’ve stupidly hit a wall and need to make a U-turn, or you have two wheels hanging into space over the edge of a Rainbow Road.

Mario Kart 8’s 200cc mode has changed that, and the need to slow down to move forward is just one of many ways this addition has changed the Karting game.

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