NintendoLand: The Next-Gen Plinko Simulator We’ve All Been Waiting For


Okay, I kid. I honestly *love* Nintendo Land a lot more than I expected to, and have become quite hooked on it. Thanks to the Wii U’s Daily Log feature, I can see just how addicted I’ve become–six hours today!

Anyway, initial impressions were a lot more stunning than I expected, too. For one thing, the game has a very strong Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts vibe, at least visually. The hi-def looks incredible. Everything in the game is pieced together out of natural materials–fabrics, thread, buttons, iron, steel. Every bit of classic Nintendo minutiae, from rupees to Toad’s hat, has been given a handmade Etsy-style makeover. Plus, this:

Sister and brother from another mother...board?

Sister and brother from another mother…board?

Unlike Nuts & Bolts, Nintendo Land is actually fun. I can see it getting old sooner rather than later, but for now it’s a delightful distraction. All the nostalgia-based rewards add incentive. Honestly, Nintendo nostalgia is wearing thin, what with seven or eight(teen) new Mario-related titles every year, but Nintendo Land’s handmade feel adds to their originality.

I don’t think screenshots or video can do Nintendo Land and the Miiverse experience justice. I was expecting to have fun, but I wasn’t expecting the small value seeing other people’s comments add to the game. Most of them are stupid, but there are occasionally fun, quirky posts, and some incredible black-and-white artwork not seen since the days of PictoChat. Remember that? Who knew that Miis + PictoChat would equal something really cool?

It’s late. I’ve wasted 1/4 of my day riding around in a wooden Yoshi cart. More on Miiverse tomorrow.