Tales from the Miiverse – MrP.Ringle


Once you pop…

There’s someone posting as MrP.Ringle on Miiverse. Here my three favorite posts:

* “Favorite 80’s show? CHiPs… For obvious reasons” on the Netflix community

* “A Pringle Haiku: POP, the tubes open – Portals to snack wonderland – This was a triumph.” on the Nintendo Land community

* “You can use a Pringles tube to breath [sic] underwater like a ninja. Fact.” on the Ninja Gaiden community

The only game this character owns is ZombiU, and they’ve used the YouTube channel, but other than that, they’re just going around posting Pringles related trivia in all the different communities. They have posts from Scribblenauts to Wheel of Fortune.

Official Pringles social media advertising? Or just a passionate (and little bit nutso) fan? If it’s official, is this the first company using Miiverse as an ad campaign? Whoever it is, I find myself wanting Pringles. Sour Cream and Onion, please.


2 thoughts on “Tales from the Miiverse – MrP.Ringle

  1. Miiverse has shown itself to be such a fun place I would hate for it to become a haven for corporate accounts although as the population grows this is pretty inevitable. Hopefully this one is just fun though.

    I do find that I am posting less now as the novelty has worn off a little. I am concentrating more on finishing at least one of the games!

    • Yeah, I agree. I think this is just a Pringles super-fan. (Who knew such a thing existed?) This person is a little too sardonic to be corporate.
      I post more in Nintendo Land than I do in NSMBU. Maybe the mindless nature of the Nintendo Land games give my brain more idle power to think of things to say. Also, NSMBU doesn’t prompt you as much, and I’m not compelled to open the home menu, open miiverse, etc. to post.

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