Golden Oldie: Ernie Gets Lost, 1985


My first Golden Oldie review is for an actual Golden book from 1985.

Ernie Gets LostErnie Gets Lost by Liza Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book traumatized me as a child, because I thought getting lost was a fate worse than death. Once you were lost, that’s it. You’ll never find your home again.

I got over it eventually, and maybe it was with Ernie’s help. I’m glad he found he way back to Maria and wasn’t lost at the department store forever. If he was, then Bert wouldn’t have received that badass Pigeon Land board game for his birthday. Man, I always wanted to play Pigeon Land so bad.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Oldie: Ernie Gets Lost, 1985

  1. angelsail

    lol I think these traumatizing books help mold enough into crazy adults. ❤ When we reproduce and such, we'll be able to traumatize our children and scar them for life with stories like this! Love it!

    • Haha, yes. Were it not for my mom acting like I was going to disappear of the face of the planet and never find my way home if I got lost, I probably wouldn’t have found this book as traumatizing as I did.

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